La Soufrière, the mysterious and fascinating “Old Lady”


La Soufrière, the mysterious and fascinating “Old Lady”

Country: Guadeloupe, City: St Claude


Tour Information

Tours are available 4days/week depending on the weather
This is a half-day trip lasting 5 hours
2 persons minimum/ 12 pers max per guide
Elevation gain of 500m
Meeting at Saint Claude

Tour Description

Being at the peak of an active volcano is an unforgettable experience.
When you get close to the craters, the smell of sulfur, the deep rumble coming from the belly of the earth, and the special vegetation found there will take your breath away.
You will be accompanied by an expert guide, happy to teach you about the history of the Old Lady and her impact on this marvelous island.
A surprise awaits you at every turn along paths that encourage discovery and are a source of wonder and new sensations at the peak of the Lesser Antilles.