Treasures from the South of Basse-Terre


Treasures from the South of Basse-Terre

Country: Guadeloupe, City: Capesterre Belle Eau


Tour Information

Once a week according to demand

Departure : reception of the hotel 8h00 am
Return : around 5h00 pm

Tour Description

You can experience the warmth of the Creole lifestyle in Basse-Terre (the administrative capital) and in Saint-Claude which both lie in the interior of La Soufriere.
These two charming towns have beautiful houses in colonial architecture but the Fort Delgrès overlooking the sea is there to remind us of the past struggles both against the English and against slavery.
You will take joy in discovering with your guide the treasures from the south side of Basse-Terre through the mythical Carbet Waterfalls, the Hindu temple of Changy and genuine cassava pancakes.