La Grande-Terre reveals its Charms!


La Grande-Terre reveals its Charms!

Country: Guadeloupe, City: Le Gosier


Tour Information

Once a week according to demand
Departure : reception of the hotel 8 :00 am
Return : around 5 :00 pm

Tour Description

You were dreaming of white sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees. They are here…spread out languorously in the sun in Grande-Terre and this is where you will get the incomparable tan before returning home.
You can go from tranquil lagoons of turquoise water to spots with strong waves loved by surfers and windsurfers; or you can lose yourself in the wild, green valleys of Grande-Terre where many aristocrats took refuge during the Revolution.
Imagine a little piece of Brittany in the tropics! At La Pointe des Chateaux or by the cliffs of La Grande Vigie, you will experience the ocean in all its glory. Below these cliffs, you can discover sea caves carved out by the ocean.
By the way, have you ever heard the “MAN COCO” story? The legend says that Man Coco was a witch who made a deal with the devil in order to be stronger than her rival Madame Grands-Fonds. Man Coco reneged on the deal and so the Devil took her to the so-called “Tou a Man Coco