Tradition, Gwo ka, pitt-a-coq & Hindu culture


Tradition, Gwo ka, pitt-a-coq & Hindu culture

Country: Guadeloupe, City: Le Gosier


Tour Information

Pick-up time from hotel- 8:00 am/Drop off time- 5:00 pm
On Monday
Min 4 pers – Max 8 pers

Tour Description

A chapter in our history: Indian migration to Guadeloupe. The first boat arrived in Guadeloupe in 1854, 96 groups came one after the other until 1889, bringing a total of 42 000 Indian migrants. They were poor people, but with an ancient and rich civilization, who brought their culture with them.
Even though there is a creolization of their life style, the Guadeloupeans of Indian origin have preserved many aspects of their cultural heritage. We can even say there has been a cultural exchange between the two peoples, for example: the Colombo which originated from the Tamil culture is now Guadeloupe’s national dish.
Discover other parts or our culture : the Gwo-Ka and its 7 different rhythms, music played by drummers as “ Boula” or as “ markè”; the tradition of the cockfighting pit where rooster crows can be heard; and of course immerse yourself in Les Grands-Fonds, a little known part of La Grande-Terre.
A wonderful way to get the full Creole experience! Discover Les Grands-Fonds (an atypical terroir of La Grande-Terre), the Gwo-ka music (recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity), the cockfighting pit tradition and soak up the Indian culture.