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A day in paradise  Le Gosier,  Guadeloupe


Take a motorboat ride up the Rivière Salée and go sailing in the heart of the island’s biggest mangrove, a magical place which is like an actual nursery with its mangrove forest. Traverse the Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin Nature Reserve where the Caret islet is located: a blue par  more »

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Amerindians and First Settlers  Le Gosier,  Guadeloupe


During his second voyage Christopher Columbus encountered La Désirade and Marie-Galante then he landed in Basse-Terre on November 4th 1493. Walking along the shoreline is like going back in time. You will see volcanic rocks, colonial and Amerindian remains and swim in fresh wat  more »

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You embark in with a SUV ride for a tour in the heart of volcanic Guadeloupe. Closest to nature, you discover the exotic plantations of the island, such as banana plantations and pineapple plantations. Take a break at the foot of the Volcano and contemplate the Soufriere, then en  more »

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A discovery between sky and sea, contrasting verdant valleys of the Grands-Fonds and dry plains of the North. Sugar cane fields as far as the eye can see, rum in all its aspects at the Damoiseau factory and discoveries of the wild seashores between the Moule and Saint-François:  more »

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Do to the north and discover the best kept secrets of the island. After venturing into the sugar cane and pineapple plantations, you will appreciate the picturesque fishing harbor located in Sainte-Rose and one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island…not to mention swimm  more »

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AQUARANDO ACOMAT.  Basse-Terre,  Guadeloupe


Fifteen minutes walk in the forest before approaching the Grande Plaine River. It's time to start the descent in a life-size aqua-land. Walking, jumping, toboggans, de-escalations offer a full of sensations and relaxation. This day opens the doors of canyoning.  more »

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