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Paragliding, I'm flying! Caliente  Le Moule,  Guadeloupe


Here is a real flying experience, which is why you feel so much excitement as soon as you reach up in the sky. It is not easy to learn paragliding because flying is not natural for us. The flight instructor is there to help you: you will feel secure, you will get used to the alt  more »

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Paragliding…I’m flying! Salsa  Le Moule,  Guadeloupe


Sam makes you fly from the station of Palais Sainte-Marguerite. All you have to do is run a few meters and the paraglider relieves you of gravity.  SALSA 35 min of evolutions allowing us to follow the coast of Anse Marguerite and why not open the horizon towards the Sou  more »

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